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Phraseology and Style in Subgenres of the Novel
A Synthesis of Corpus and Literary Perspectives

Novakova, Iva, Siepmann, Dirk (Eds.), Grenoble Alpes University, Grenoble, France

  •   Offers new insights into long-standing debates on genre distinction and the hybridization of genres
  •   Employs novel and interdisciplinary methodologies
  •   Draws on the results of an international project spanning France and Germany, literary studies and corpus linguistics

This edited book represents the first cohesive attempt to describe the literary genres of latetwentieth-century fiction in terms  of lexico-grammatical patterns. Drawing on the PhraseoRom international project on the phraseology ofcontemporary novels, the contributed chapters combine literary studies with corpus linguistics to analyse fantasy, romance, crime, historical and science fiction in French and English. The authors offer new insights into long-standing debates on genre distinction and the hybridization of genres by deploying a new, interdisciplinary methodology. Sitting at the intersection of literature and linguistics, with a firm grounding in the digital humanities, this book will be of particular relevance to literary scholars, corpus stylists, contrastivists and lexicologists, as well as general readers with an interest in twentieth-century genre fiction.

ISBN 978-3-030-23743-1


Phraséologie et stylistique de la langue littéraire
Phraseology and Stylistics of Literary Language

Ludwig Fesenmeier / Iva Novakova (eds.)

Les contributions à cet ouvrage s’appuient, toutes, sur des approches innovantes relevant du vaste champ des Humanités numériques. Ils accordent une attention particulière aux analyses linguistiques et discursives d’expressions polylexicales statistiquement pertinentes dans des textes littéraires, aux procédés d’identification des genres littéraires sur la base de méthodes statistiques, ainsi qu’à la stylistique littéraire outillée.
The contributions discuss new approaches from the broad field of digital humanities, with a particular focus on issues surrounding literary phraseology and literary stylistics. Special attention is given to linguistic and pragmatic/discourse analyses of statistically significant multi-word expressions in literary texts, ways of identifying literary genres on the basis of statistical methods, and corpus stylistics.

ISBN 978-3-631-81137-5









Publié le 9 janvier 2024

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